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Texas has a large community of solar panel users. Whether for home or business use, people are now considering the alternative for a cheap yet substantial consistent source of energy. The widespread use of solar energy also brings with it several typical errors that consumers commit, either knowingly or unknowingly. People who switched to solar love the idea of saving but having difficulty getting the right solar company. Hiring solar companies to install solar to your roof is a risky financial decision that must be paid off accordingly.

To make sure that the risk is worth every penny, take note of these  common mistakes to avoid poor solar installation.

1. Consult the local regulations for solar panels

The first thing that purchasers need to process is to check the state’s office and check for the solar panel regulations. The primary misconception about having solar panels is that solar roof installers can immediately start bringing materials and installing them. Most states require documents and permits before anything can happen.

2. Misconception about low-cost system will function as well as the high-end ones

Agreeing to best-bargain products that the solar companies offer can be a headache in the long run. It is easy to believe that because of the popularity of solar, companies are offering the same and would resort to finding the cheapest out of the bunch. Consumers often get what they pay for: cheap price is poor quality.

3. Underestimating the change of energy consumption

Consumers tend to be careful to splurge on consuming energy to reduce costs. The minute they experience solar, the energy is often wasted as they view solar to be the solution to have a low electric bill. This is wrong on many levels as dissipating solar energy is harmful as to how much the consumer can offset.

4. Not replacing the roof before installing solar panels

Do not hire solar roof installers if your roof is not replaced. Roof is the most neglected and deteriorated part of a building and the most important part in installing solar. Solar companies tend to overlook decaying roofs for the sake of revenue. Have the initiative to call a roofer to replace your old mossy roof.

5. Forgetting to check for solar panel loan programs

Admit it. Not everyone can afford solar panels. Depending on quality, number, and labor fees, the average solar panel installation costs around $20,000. That is why solar loan programs are introduced to those who are interested in availing the products. Popular solar loan programs are programs offered by the government, such as PACE, PPA, and other local government programs. These loan programs may vary depending on the amount of loan and payment terms, so choose carefully and beware of scams.

6.Fail to understand solar warranty conditions

One of the things that consumers must do before purchasing is to ask about the warranty. Especially for solar, unpredictable incidents might happen that may need a replacement. The warranty information for the customers’ entitlement and the manufacturer’s responsibility must be clear and understandable. Know how the company will assist whenever a warranty claim is issued.

The right solar company is the key!

Solar energy is a great choice for your business, home or both and making sure you have the right company to install it is key. Finding a reputable solar installer that meets your needs is essential. Doing the research and comparisons of different solar companies may take time, but in the end, it will be worth the effort. With Shield Solar’s experience, we are prepared to handle any size system needed with quality workmanship that ensures optimal service throughout the life of your system.

From customer service to our technician’s extensive knowledge of solar panel systems, Shield Solar is the best option for anyone looking to get a professional solar panel installation without worrying about common mistakes. So don’t wait until after an installation gone wrong – contact Shield Solar today!

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